Happy Millbrook Owners
Sabine and Gary Habart “We have had our Millbrook bed for almost a year now and couldn’t be happier with the product.”
Jeff and Carol Screen – “We are very happy we purchased our new Millbrook mattress . . . the comfort is fantastic, I much prefer it to our Tempur-pedic mattress.  The price scared me a bit at the beginning, but after sleeping on it for a couple of months I realized it was worth it.”
Wendy and Marlon Chambers“My husband and I recently purchased our new Millbrook Mattress from Kicking Horse interiors in Golden.  I am originally from the UK and was looking for a little home comfort, what our new mattress gives us is a LOT of home comfort, it is top quality, super comfortable, easy to turn and flip and is just pure luxury, we would recommend a Millbrook Mattress to anyone.”
Stuart and Trish Angus“My wife has had back problems for some time, and has always blamed the various beds we have had over the past years (which have been the non-flippable type.)  Recently, we have been looking for a traditional mattress and after lots of advice from Amanda and Andrew at Kicking Horse Interiors chose the Millbrook Majestic mattress. These are traditional, hand-made mattresses using all natural materials, not chemical filled ‘memory foam’ that most stores seem to be pushing nowadays. The result has been the quality of our sleep has improved dramatically since we received the new bed a few months ago.  The difference really is like night and day, we would recommend a Millbrook mattress to anyone who is looking for a quality bed that delivers a great nights sleep.”